Student Initiated Project: After

Our Student Initiated Project is finally done! We are very excited to have finally finished with it, although our video was not too successful overall. It only got 51 views in total, which is very few. However, we were lucky even such a small number of people watched it, as many well known YouTubers participate in Project For Awesome, and sometimes it can be difficult to get noticed at all.

Despite this, there is a lot of room left for improvement on our part. Although our video was functional and it achieved it’s goal, which was informing people about Alboan, it was not particularly original or interesting, except for the short sketch at the beginning. This was mostly due to our shortage of time when it came to recording the video. If we had been able to speak to Alboan before, I am sure we would have had more time to work together on creating a more fun and creative experience for our viewers. Aside from this, we could have also publicized it a bit more, perhaps distributing the video amongst our school’s community, and encouraging people to share it with their friends and families as well. Lastly, if we were to do this video all over again, we would make sure to contact Alboan much earlier, especially now that we know how to do it. This would allow us to plan our time more effectively beforehand, surely leading to a better product.

With the creation of this video, we have learned a lot about Alboan as a charity and, in the process, we have also learned quite a bit about the causes for which they fight. For example, we found out about the minerals being mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo right now, and how this unregulated mining negatively affects the people who work there, especially young children. We also learned how to arrange meetings with professionals and how to educate ourselves about global issues. Finally, we also grew more familiar with YouTube as a media-sharing platform, and I was able to practise my video-editing skills, which is always advantageous in order to develop my own pastimes and hobbies.

Finally, both Nolan and I met both our learning outcomes. We “demonstrated engagement with issues of global significance” by working closely with a charity and learning about the situation in Congo right now, as well as other international issues of great importance, such as the economic crisis in Venezuela. We also “recognized and considered the ethics of choices and actions” because we acknowledged that putting together a promotional video for Alboan might have an impact on people’s lives, changing the way they look at the technology they use daily, and perhaps even leading them to donate to Alboan, which would in turn lead to changes in the lives of miners in Congo. We also reflected on the outcome of our video and thought about how we could have made it reach a greater number of people, as we know that if more people were informed about the situation in Congo, it would lead to quicker and better change for the people working in those mines.

All in all, although we could have done a significantly better job, Nolan and I have achieved our goal of producing a promotional video for Project For Awesome, and we are proud of our work and achievements.


Student Initiated Project: During #3

We have had some very busy couple of weeks preparing our video for Project For Awesome, but we managed to get it in on time!

First of all, we finally got an answer from the Alboan crew (after being provided with a different email from someone we know)! Therefore, we did get to have a short interview with a man who works at the organisation. He provided us with a lot of useful information, but we did not include the interview in the video because we could not film the event. However, the man did tell us where we could find some of Alboan’s own video footage to use, which we did!

The interview gave us so much new information that we had to change the script from focusing on refugees to, instead, paying more attention to their “Conflict-Free Technology” campaign, as we discovered that that is Alboan’s main project right now. This is related to how people in Congo are being exploited to mine for minerals used in technological devices, such as computers and mobile phones. In addition to this, we decided to make the video a bit more fun by including a short sketch (featuring my little sister) at the beginning. We use it to inform the audience about how their own mobile phones are affecting the situation in Congo right now.

After that, Nolan and I met up in my house to film the video. The filming process was plagued with inconveniences ranging from faulty electronics (we ended up using two different cameras to film the whole thing!) to silly laughter that led to us messing up our lines. Still, we managed to film the video in a few hours, as it is quite short.

Then, it was time to edit the video! Fortunately, I did not have any problems with that, and I got it done quite fast, as I already have experience with video editing. I used a video-editing software called Movie Studio Platinum 13.0, created by Sony, to cut out the parts where we were laughing or being silly. I also added music and some of the extra Alboan footage we had found, along with a couple pictures. I had the video done in a few hours, and there was still a week left until Project For Awesome!

The video was uploaded to YouTube on December 11th, just in time for the P4A Livestream, including all the relevant links and credits in the description. The video was submitted to the P4A webpage at the same time.

I don’t think we will get too much attention during P4A 2015, as we will probably be overshadowed by the many YouTube celebrities and great charities that participate each year, but let’s hope we get some views and comments on our video by the time P4A ends!

Student Initiated Project: During #2

We are finally moving forward with our project, and at a great pace at that! Just yesterday, Nolan Young and I met up and wrote the script for our video. In it, we talk about what global issues Alboan addresses, what makes them unique as a charity, and how people all over the world can donate and help them out in various ways. We think it’s quite a comprehensive script that encompasses all of the main points we have to talk about in our video in order to give our viewers all the information they need about the Alboan and their projects. Pointing out how the Alboan team functions differently to other charities (they move into refugee camps and live with the refugees instead of just sending them food and other supplies) will also make the charity stand out more, which will get people to notice it.

The script itself is about two or three pages long. We read it a couple of times, and it took us about 2 and a half minutes to get through it at a good pace. Therefore, it is to be expected that our video will be of about that length. This is good, as people will not have to give up a lot of their time to watch it, making it accessible even to those who are busy or just don’t want to watch long videos.

Nolan and I will meet next week to film the video itself. Let’s hope everything goes well then!

Student Initiated Project: During #1

Up until now, nothing has gone as planned!

About two weeks ago, Nolan Young sent the Alboan team an email talking about the promotional video, how Project for Awesome works, and asking about the possibility of meeting up with members of the organization in order to film them answering a few questions about their work. This footage would have then been used in our video. Although it was not essential, we both thought that it would be a nice touch to include an interview with the Alboan crew, as that might give the video’s audience a better idea of how the charity works and who are the people who operate it.

Soon, however, we realised that Alboan was not responding to our messages. We tried sending them again, fearing they might not have been delivered correctly, but it was all to no avail. Hoping they would answer, we decided to establish a deadline: if they had not written back to us by November 1st, then we would make the video without the interview. Sadly, that is what has happened.

Still, Nolan and I are optimistic about this project! We will begin writing the video’s script either this week or the next, and meet up to film it shortly thereafter. We have also already started putting together a general outline for the video, which will help us a lot when the time comes to write it all. Let’s hope it all goes according to plan from this point on!

Student Initiated Project: Introduction

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.
  • Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

Goal: To create a video where we demonstrate why people should donate and vote for a charity of our choice

What is it?

This project consists in the creation of a video which promotes a charity. This video is between two and four minutes long, and will include us explaining what the charity does and why the audience should donate. This video is part of the “Project for Awesome,” a project organized by the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, Inc. The Project is run by John and Hank Green via a YouTube live stream which runs over the course of the 12th and 13th of December. When we have completed our video, we will upload it to the Project for Awesome website. Afterwards, John and Hank Green pick out different videos to be shown on the livestream. If we’re lucky, ours could be featured! The efforts of all the video creators will raise money, which will then be distributed to top charities.

How long will it take?

Our video must be uploaded to the Project for Awesome website during those 48 hours that the live stream runs. Therefore, we have about 2 months and a half to write the script, film the video and then edit it.

What two CAS components will it combine?

Creativity and service.

Who will be participating and what roles will each undertake?

We, Ainhoa Santos and Nolan Young, will collaborate to create this promotional video. Nolan will contact the charity Alboan and will arrange a meeting or some form of communication so we can get the best information possible to include in our video.  Both of us will work together to create the script for the video and we will both appear in the video itself. Ainhoa will work on post-production, editing the video and uploading it to the website in December. Therefore, we will each have our separate roles, but we will collaborate and work as a team to create the best video possible.

Why do we want to participate in this project?

We want to take part in this project because it combines two incredibly interesting concepts, video-making and creating publicity for a charity we love. Both of us already knew about the charity livestream set up by the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, and we loved the way they shone a light on charities that, otherwise, would not have much publicity to use. With this project, we wish to do just that: create free publicity for a charity, probably Alboan, in a creative and engaging way.

What is our goal for this project?

We hope to create a video where we demonstrate why people should donate and vote for the charity of our choice. Doing this, we will be drawing attention to a good cause, as well as creating free publicity for a charity and developing our filmmaking skills. We will know we were successful in doing this as soon as our video is posted on YouTube and gets some views. Hopefully, this will mean that the video and, therefore, the charity we choose will get noticed. This may lead to people voting for it during the Project For Awesome livestream, as well as donating money to the charity directly themselves.

What steps will we follow?

We will work on the project here in Bilbao from October through to the middle of December. Nolan will contact the charity, Alboan, by the end of October. This charity is a Jesuit organisation which is based in the Basque Country and Navarra. They concentrate on helping achieve quality education for everyone, contributing to sustainable development, providing humanitarian aid in crises and achieving democracy for minority groups. All of their work is based on their three key axes: spirituality as something important for human development, recognising the differences between women and men and working to achieve gender equality and getting the public to participate in social and political events.

We heard about the Student Initiated Project in September and we immediately thought that we could work together. Ainhoa came up with the idea of creating a video for Project for Awesome. We thought of local charities which we could contact easily, and Alboan was our first choice. We both knew about Project for Awesome prior to initiating this activity, so we understand how beneficial it is for society and how much money it raises for worthy causes. We are confident that this year even more money will be raised, and that our contribution can only help this project.

How will we manage our time?

We will be working on this project until around December 10th. Meetings and talks with the organization we will probably be promoting, Alboan, should take place as soon as possible, around the end of October or beginning of November at the latest. The video’s script should also be ready for around this time. Filming the video will probably take us a few hours, so this should take place as soon as the script is ready in order to leave enough time for the editing and uploading side of the project, which could take up to a week to complete. Ideally, we would have the project ready by the end of November or beginning of December in order to leave time to solve any inconveniences that could arise.

What resources will we need?

We do not need too many resources to complete this project. The only event that should take place before the project starts is us meeting or speaking to a representative from Alboan, as they will probably give us some sort of guideline as to what we should talk about in the video. Aside from that, we will only need a videocamera and a video editing program, which are already easily available to us.