Royal Russell Model United Nations: After

I have met my personal goal, which was to speak out and get over my shyness . This is because I managed to speak at my committee, and even tried to talk at the General Assembly. This was rather hard for me, as I am a generally silent and introverted person, put it felt great to finally be able to share my opinion on different topics in front of a large group of people.

If I was to do this MUN again, I would probably speak even more, asking more questions and being more aggressive in my debating, as I tend to be rather passive and, maybe, “too nice”. Asserting your ideas often and repeatedly is a good way to be taken seriously at MUN, as I discovered over my stay at Royal Russell School. I would also study the topic of state-sponsored paramilitary groups a bit more thoroughly, as it came up quite often and I could have participated  more in the debate if I had studied that topic better.

I have learnt a lot about different world issues, such as the problem of rape in warfare and the question of biological warfare. I have also met all of my learning outcomes, as I worked with three other people to create a very good resolution, and also sent notes and messages to other delegates to know their opinion about resolutions that were being debated. This means I achieved the learning outcome of “working collaboratively with others”. Beside this, the topics we debated were of international importance, and they made me become engaged with problems that are affecting the world right now. This means I achieved the learning outcome of becoming “engaged with issues of global importance”.
All in all, this activity was, quite frankly, a great success!


Royal Russell Model United Nations: During

This MUN Conference was incredibly fun, and I was quite successful in terms of getting over my shyness and speaking to others. The first day of the conference I had to merge my resolution, or combine ideas, with other people in my committee who had also tried to come up with ways to deal with the issue of rape in warfare. This went quite well, as I managed to join a group and ended up merging with three other people. Later on, I also had to give a speech at the General Assembly (GA), which means I had to speak in front of about 200 persons. I did an okay job at that, although I should have made more eye contact with my audience. However, I had had to get up at 6 in the morning that day, so I was extremely tired by that point, and I was lucky I didn’t fall asleep at the podium!

The Austian delegation (I am in the middle).

The next two days and a half involved debating within committees and, later on, within the GA about our resolutions, or our action plans to solve problems. The specific problems assigned to my committee, DISEC II, were the question of rape in warfare, the question of international recruitment by terrorist groups, the question of state-sponsored paramilitary groups, and the question of biological warfare. Debating these issues in my committee was quite fun, as some resolutions were funny and lighthearted, while others were serious and interesting. I managed to ask four questions, or points of information, and got to speak at the podium of my committee once, which was much more than what I expected of myself. I also wanted to speak at the GA, as the resolution I had worked on with three other students was supposed to be debated there, but it did not pass because of an administration error. I tried to make a few points of information instead, but was not chosen to speak.

At the GA (I am the one in white).

After the GA the last day, there was a closing ceremony in which different organisers gave a speech to thank everyone who came, and talked about their love for MUN. This got quite emotional, and it was a nice way to close the ceremony.

Royal Russell Model United Nations: Before

Learning Outcomes:

  • Worked collaboratively with others.
  • Engaged in issues of global importance.

Goal: To overcome my shyness and participate more in debates.

Model United Nations (MUN) always makes me feel nervous, but also eager to participate and, in a way, get it over with. i like debating, but it does put a lot of pressure on me: a normally reserved person when around people I do not know. However, I have already attended one other MUN conference in Dublin, so I know what to expect, which helps me calm down my nerves. Still, I am sure I will end up having fun, as I always do with the activities I am nervous about.

I expect the Royal Russell MUN conference to be similar to the Dublin conference I attended last year, although perhaps less serious. This is because the Royal Russell conference is seen by many as a conference for first-timers, so it will not be as demanding as Dublin, which was one of the largests in Europe. However, this does not mean that there will not be some very good debaters present, so I will try to do my best and speak out a few times during the debates.

My shyness and introverted personality will probably be my greatest problems, as I will have to overcome these aspects of my personality in order to contribute to the different debates that will take place. This will undoubtedly be very difficult for me, and I may not achieve this goal, but the important thing is that I tried hard and did my best.