Pilates: After

Unfortunately, this activity has come to a bittersweet ending. I have not been able to achieve my goal or, in other words, to go to at least four pilates classes per month. While I was able to accomplish this in a more or less satisfactory way during my first year of IB and during the start of my second year, I completely lost track of the activity nearing Christmas 2016, and had to stop going due to personal reasons from January onwards. This failure has truly hit me, especially because I was eager and motivated to begin this activity once more after vacations. Cutting class never made me feel good and, during December, I was actually desperate to go outside and exercise. This is the main reason why I decided to start a new Activity activity (Winter Walking) so late into my CAS program: I wanted a replacement for my Pilates classes.

Despite this, I still feel that I have accomplished both learning outcomes I had attached to this activity. I certainly “undertook new challenges”: I had never tried pilates before and the introducing a weekly exercising activity to my routine was also new to me. I learned many relaxation poses that are still useful to me even now, as they are good to keep in mind to help manage stress. Pilates also proved to me that excercising can be very emotionally beneficial, and helped me see sports as something that I can truly enjoy.

My second learning outcome is more problematic in terms of me accomplishing it, as it involves “showing perseverance and commitment” in regards to this activity. While it is true that I couldn’t keep pilates up to the end of my CAS program, I did maintain this activity as a strong part of my routine for more than a year. In that way, I still showed commitment to it, even during times of academic stress, like during last year’s IB mock exams. Hence, I still believe I achieved this learning outcome, although not as well as I would have liked.

All in all, while this activity ended in a disappointing fashion, I am still very happy that I decided to try out pilates as part of my CAS program. It has certainly been an experience that I will remember for a long time and, if I had to do this program again, I would absolutely make pilates one of my main longitudinal activities if I could.


Unfortunatley, I could not get photographic proof for this activity. Instead, I have audio proof [link – click here to listen!]. It is in Spanish, but you can find a translation below:

“Hello everybody. I am Ainhoa’s mother, and I confirm that she has been going to Pilates from November 2015 to December 2017. I know this because we went to the activity together, and in this way we could both discover the world of Pilates. I am very grateful for the CAS program for allowing me to do this. Thank you.”


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