Journal Club: During #4

Find this term’s Journal here!

This term, the first Journal Club written under my classmates – and my – supervision was published! I am very excited about this, as it marks the start of our go as Journal Club Managers.

My most important job as Journal Club Manager was to be in charge of coordinating and editing the articles written about the Lower School classes (1st grade to 6th grade). At first, this was rather hard to do, as they did not seem to have anything especially newsworthy going on in their classes, and I was afraid my section of the Journal was going to turn out dull. However, after digging a bit into the school’s future plans via the school newsletter, I was able to assign interesting and engaging articles to the writers under my supervision.

I did not have many problems with any of my writers or my articles, aside from a few doubts from writers that I promptly responded to. I also kept a close eye on our schedule in order to ensure that all the articles were delivered on time. This relatively calm first-time experience as a Journal Club leader made me feel comfortable and confident in my new position, as it made me realise that I would be able to solve any problem that came our way if I kept a cool head.

In addition to this, I also helped with the creation of a new ASB Journal template, which I designed and later passed on to fellow Journal Club Manager Carmen Rita Gomeza. She was the one who ultimately set up the Journal’s new look, editing a lot of what I had done, and I think she did a fantastic job! The final product definitely ended up looking much better than my template. This made me realise that working as a team will many times lead to unexpected and original results that are a lot better that what only one person will be able to come up with.

All in all, I am very happy with how this ASB Journal edition turned out, and I cannot wait to write the next one in Grade 12!


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