2016 Graduation Ceremony

This activity counts for both Creativity and Service

Learning Outcome: Planned and initiated activities.

Goal: Create a graduation video for the grade 12 class, as well as helping out during the graduation ceremony itself.


I feel extremely excited about this new CAS activity. I love video editing, and I am constantly looking for excuses to spend my time practising this hobby! However, this time of the year might not be the best for creating complex film projects, as our mock IB finals are coming up soon. Hence, I am aiming for a short, simple video that the graduating students will remember. Still, if I organise my time wisely, I am sure I will be able to make it work.

Nevertheless, I am quite nervous about being appointed the leader of this video project, as I am not really used to having others working for me.  I am also quite a shy person, so having to talk to others to coordinate video filming will probably be hard for me. Still, I am not one to shy away from a challenge! I will do my best to direct my classmates, and I am sure they will end up making this project a lot easier to complete.

During #1

This week, we started filming different teachers to include in the graduation video. They will be giving the students inspiring messages that range from inside jokes to life advice. From what we have filmed up until now, this video will be touching, fun, and inspiring for the students, something I am happy about. I have also received a folder full of pictures of the graduating grade 12s, which I will have to sort out and use in the video.

As of now, I have been doing a good job as a leader of this project. Normally, I am rather shy and quiet. However, lately I have stepped out of my comfort zone, asking many teachers for permission to film them whenever I could. My friends and I even contacted some other teachers that left our school in recent years so that they would appear in the video as well! I also talked to a couple grade 12s myself in order to get a feeling of what they expect from the video, which was very helpful in deciding what to include and what to avoid. As for my worries about leading my classmates: I had nothing to worry about! They have all worked wonderfully by helping me film the teachers I could not get around to filming myself. Their help has been invaluable!

Although I am busy with mock exams right now, I will make sure to start editing next week as of late; the graduation is just a little over a week away as well!

During #2

All the necessary teachers have been filmed and the video editing process is almost done! The hardest part of this project by far has been editing the images in the video, as it was difficult to control how much time each picture should appear on screen. Still, I do enjoy how the rest of the video turned out. While my classmates have not been able to help me too much at this stage (after all, I was the one in charge of editing the video), they have still been wonderfully supportive of me. They have also given me a lot of advice on how to improve older versions of the video, which has been very helpful.

I am sure the video will do well in the graduation ceremony!


Graduation video:

The graduation ceremony was a complete adventure! My friend and I went there expecting to help out with minor roles such as decoration, but instead we were appointed to help out with the technological side of the ceremony: lights, powepoint slides, and audio. This was a problem, as neither of us knew how to operate any of these properly: we didn’t know where the light switches were, we had never seen the powerpoint slides we were in charge of, and we had no idea how to adjust the volume of the audio. I am clueless as to why we were appointed to do this instead of somebody more qualified. Due to our inexperience, the technological aspect of the ceremony turned out a little wonky from time to time, but we did quite well given the circumstances.

The graduation video, however, was a success! The grade 12s seemed moved by it, and a couple of teachers complimented me on the editing of the video. One of my friends, who had helped me in the video editing process, told me that a couple other people also stopped her to congratulate us on the video. Hence, I am very proud of it, especially due to the fact that I was so busy with mock exams during the time of editing.

All in all, I am very happy with how this graduation turned out. I felt comfortable in my new leadership role, and I found myself stepping out of my comfort zone many times without much trouble. If I could do anything differently, I would probably just make sure to study up the school audio system beforehand!

My friends and I (second from the left) on the day of the graduation.

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