Cleaning the Beach

This activity counts for Activity and Service

Learning Outcome: Considered the ethical implications of their actions.

Goal: Pick up as much garbage as I can.

clean the beach
Me carrying trash at the beach.

This Wednesday, my classmates and I went to clean the Arrigunaga beach. We were divided into two groups to cover more space, and I was assigned to a group that was tasked to pick up garbage from a rocky region of the beach. This meant a lot of climbing and jumping from rock to rock, which was rather tricky for me.

Nevertheless, we managed to find a lot of trash stuck between the rocks, allowing me to accomplish my goal. The trash I am carrying in the picture above is only a small portion of the total trash we found.

clean the beach 2
Us and all the trash we picked up.

It is also important to realise that, if we had not found this garbage, it would have remained there, polluting the environment. Therefore, although we only spent a short amount of time at the beach, we managed to make a lasting impact on the environment. After all, all the trash we picked up is trash that will not be poisoning innocent sea animals.

Hence, this activity was enjoyable and prompted me to think about the outcomes of my actions. It was tiresome, but I would not mind doing it again!


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