Cleaning the Beach

This activity counts for Activity and Service

Learning Outcome: Considered the ethical implications of their actions.

Goal: Pick up as much garbage as I can.

clean the beach
Me carrying trash at the beach.

This Wednesday, my classmates and I went to clean the Arrigunaga beach. We were divided into two groups to cover more space, and I was assigned to a group that was tasked to pick up garbage from a rocky region of the beach. This meant a lot of climbing and jumping from rock to rock, which was rather tricky for me.

Nevertheless, we managed to find a lot of trash stuck between the rocks, allowing me to accomplish my goal. The trash I am carrying in the picture above is only a small portion of the total trash we found.

clean the beach 2
Us and all the trash we picked up.

It is also important to realise that, if we had not found this garbage, it would have remained there, polluting the environment. Therefore, although we only spent a short amount of time at the beach, we managed to make a lasting impact on the environment. After all, all the trash we picked up is trash that will not be poisoning innocent sea animals.

Hence, this activity was enjoyable and prompted me to think about the outcomes of my actions. It was tiresome, but I would not mind doing it again!


Eco-Maintenance with Lurgaia

This activity counts for Activity and Service.

Learning Outcome: Worked collaboratively with others.

Goal: Eliminate at least ten invasive plants from the Azkorri area.

Last weekend, on Saturday the 21st, some of my classmates and I participated in an eco-maintenance activity with an environmental organization called Lurgaia. In this trip, we took a walk through a forest area near a beach in Azkorri. We were told by the people in the organization that these types of habitats are very rare in the world and that they should be taken care of properly.

Eventually, we arrived at an area with many invasive plants that prevented regional plants from growing. The organization’s staff provided us with gloves and told us to take out as many as we could. Together, my classmates and I pulled out many of these invasive plants and, just as I had proposed for my goal, I managed to pull out exactly ten of them!

Imagen de Ainhoa Santos (1)
Me pulling out a plant.

However, I did not do this alone. Many of the plants were extremely hard to pull out, as they were deeply rooted in the ground. Therefore, it sometimes took up to two or three people to pull out a single plant. Many times, we also had to take on different roles to pull them out: some would dig around their roots to weaken the plant’s grip while others pulled. This really goes to show how important teamwork is when it comes to taking care of the environment.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable experience that I would not mind participating in again!


Goal: Undertaken new challenges.

This Monday May 16th, I went surfing along with my whole class. It was the first time I ever surfed, and I was very nervous about it, as I tend to be very clumsy when it comes to sporting activities. However, I was also excited for this new activity, as it was sure to be a fun-filled experience to share with my classmates.

As for the activity itself, I am afraid I completely failed at it! I did not catch a single wave, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t try. In fact, I came close to standing up on my surfing board once, but was too slow to stand up on it, managing to only get on my knees. I ended up completely exhausted, but it was still fun to try out this brand new activity, especially when in the company of my whole class (most of whom were not much better at surfing than me!).

All in all, I had a lot of fun while surfing for the first time, but I don’t know if it is an activity I would want to invest time in to learn.

My class (I am the third from the left, with the red surf board).

Journal Club: During #3

New Learning Outcome:

  • Planned and innitiated activities.

From this term onwards, I will be part of the Journal Club management team. This means that I will have to arrange the writing and editing of new journal articles. I will also be in charge of setting up future ASB Journal editions. I am very excited to take on this new leadership role, and I will make sure that the ASB Journal becomes the best version of itself to date!

Charity Drive for Syrian Refugees

Learning Outcomes:

  • Worked collaboratively with others.
  • Engaged with issues of global importance.

Goal: To collect as many boxes of supplies as I possibly can to send to these refugees.

This past week, my class and I organized a collection of resources for Syrian refugees. For a week, each of us students had to make sure a particular class would bring different supplies to donate to the refugees. In my case, I had to make sure the 6th graders brought in materials related to the refugees’ dental hygiene, such as toothbrushes, mouthwash, and dental floss.

The box I innitially designed for the 6th graders.

In order to encourage the children to bring in as many supplies as they could, I decorated a box in which they could leave their supplies throughout the week. However, the box was filled by Tuesday! It had to be replaced by an uglier, yet larger, box. Still, although this last box was not filled throughout the rest of the week, that did not prevent the kids from filling up the box with bags and bags of supplies each day!

refugees 1
Me (third from the right in green) with the boxes of supplies.

Afterwards, on Thursday and Friday morning, my classmates and I helped with the organizing and packaging of supplies. These were then driven to the drop-off point and sent over to the refugees on Friday at mid-day!

refugees 2
The packages right before being sent off.

This activity was truly inspirational, as it showed me what people can accomplish when they work together for a cause and, while it left me feeling sorry for those individuals that must suffer through hard times like these with next to no resources, I am proud we could do something practical to help them.