Student Initiated Project: After

Our Student Initiated Project is finally done! We are very excited to have finally finished with it, although our video was not too successful overall. It only got 51 views in total, which is very few. However, we were lucky even such a small number of people watched it, as many well known YouTubers participate in Project For Awesome, and sometimes it can be difficult to get noticed at all.

Despite this, there is a lot of room left for improvement on our part. Although our video was functional and it achieved it’s goal, which was informing people about Alboan, it was not particularly original or interesting, except for the short sketch at the beginning. This was mostly due to our shortage of time when it came to recording the video. If we had been able to speak to Alboan before, I am sure we would have had more time to work together on creating a more fun and creative experience for our viewers. Aside from this, we could have also publicized it a bit more, perhaps distributing the video amongst our school’s community, and encouraging people to share it with their friends and families as well. Lastly, if we were to do this video all over again, we would make sure to contact Alboan much earlier, especially now that we know how to do it. This would allow us to plan our time more effectively beforehand, surely leading to a better product.

With the creation of this video, we have learned a lot about Alboan as a charity and, in the process, we have also learned quite a bit about the causes for which they fight. For example, we found out about the minerals being mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo right now, and how this unregulated mining negatively affects the people who work there, especially young children. We also learned how to arrange meetings with professionals and how to educate ourselves about global issues. Finally, we also grew more familiar with YouTube as a media-sharing platform, and I was able to practise my video-editing skills, which is always advantageous in order to develop my own pastimes and hobbies.

Finally, both Nolan and I met both our learning outcomes. We “demonstrated engagement with issues of global significance” by working closely with a charity and learning about the situation in Congo right now, as well as other international issues of great importance, such as the economic crisis in Venezuela. We also “recognized and considered the ethics of choices and actions” because we acknowledged that putting together a promotional video for Alboan might have an impact on people’s lives, changing the way they look at the technology they use daily, and perhaps even leading them to donate to Alboan, which would in turn lead to changes in the lives of miners in Congo. We also reflected on the outcome of our video and thought about how we could have made it reach a greater number of people, as we know that if more people were informed about the situation in Congo, it would lead to quicker and better change for the people working in those mines.

All in all, although we could have done a significantly better job, Nolan and I have achieved our goal of producing a promotional video for Project For Awesome, and we are proud of our work and achievements.


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