Student Initiated Project: During #3

We have had some very busy couple of weeks preparing our video for Project For Awesome, but we managed to get it in on time!

First of all, we finally got an answer from the Alboan crew (after being provided with a different email from someone we know)! Therefore, we did get to have a short interview with a man who works at the organisation. He provided us with a lot of useful information, but we did not include the interview in the video because we could not film the event. However, the man did tell us where we could find some of Alboan’s own video footage to use, which we did!

The interview gave us so much new information that we had to change the script from focusing on refugees to, instead, paying more attention to their “Conflict-Free Technology” campaign, as we discovered that that is Alboan’s main project right now. This is related to how people in Congo are being exploited to mine for minerals used in technological devices, such as computers and mobile phones. In addition to this, we decided to make the video a bit more fun by including a short sketch (featuring my little sister) at the beginning. We use it to inform the audience about how their own mobile phones are affecting the situation in Congo right now.

After that, Nolan and I met up in my house to film the video. The filming process was plagued with inconveniences ranging from faulty electronics (we ended up using two different cameras to film the whole thing!) to silly laughter that led to us messing up our lines. Still, we managed to film the video in a few hours, as it is quite short.

Then, it was time to edit the video! Fortunately, I did not have any problems with that, and I got it done quite fast, as I already have experience with video editing. I used a video-editing software called Movie Studio Platinum 13.0, created by Sony, to cut out the parts where we were laughing or being silly. I also added music and some of the extra Alboan footage we had found, along with a couple pictures. I had the video done in a few hours, and there was still a week left until Project For Awesome!

The video was uploaded to YouTube on December 11th, just in time for the P4A Livestream, including all the relevant links and credits in the description. The video was submitted to the P4A webpage at the same time.

I don’t think we will get too much attention during P4A 2015, as we will probably be overshadowed by the many YouTube celebrities and great charities that participate each year, but let’s hope we get some views and comments on our video by the time P4A ends!


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