Singing Lessons: During #5

I have finished working on “How To Be a Heartbreaker” by Marina and the Diamonds, and I recorded it this week. I am quite happy about how it turned out, as it was rather a challenging song to sing because of how much power it required. I needed to control my diaphragm very carefully in order to breathe appropriately, which was very difficult for me at first. However, I ended up managing it all quite well, and the result was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be!

Since I last updated this blog, other aspects of the class have changed quite a bit, as more exercises have been introduced to us. Possibly the one I like the most consists of counting up to 13, and sometimes 15, in one breath. (Of course, this is done with a song!) It is very fun, and the music we use to complete the exercise has great rhythm, which makes it even better. Another enjoyable exercise has one improvise a melody with the lyrics “I’m like a bird / Flying in the wind / High low high / Flying”. Each verse is followed by your classmates echoing your melody, making it a very interactive exercise.

Unfortunately, there are also some less enjoyable, yet still beneficial, exercises that we must practise now. One of the hardest makes you, the singer, regulating the dynamics, or loudness, of your voice. What makes this exercise possibly the hardest one up to now is that it requires you to maintain a single note for 12 beats, which is a long time. Sometimes I only manage to hold it for 8 beats, although I have reached 12 a couple of time. Of course, practise is needed!

I am thinking about singing Titanium by Sia next. I have no particular reason for choosing it other than the fact that it sounds like a very fun song to sing. Let’s see how that goes!


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