Journal Club: During #1

Find the ASB Newsletter here!

I have written my first Journal Club article! It was about third grade’s bridge-building project, in which they had to design and build a bridge in pairs. They were also supposed to be able to explain why they designed the bridge the way they did, and why they used the materials they used to construct it. This project was the culmination of their unit on Inquiry, or “how the world works”, in which they learned about building materials and the importance of the design of structures. When the students were finished with their projects, their teacher made them set up small stations to display their creations on and invited in all of their parents, who got to walk around the stations asking the children questions about their bridges. According to the teacher, everyone had a fantastic time, and the children loved the project!

Writing the article itself did not take a long time, as it was rather short, but fitting the whole story in only 150 words was impossible. There was just too much to talk about! Therefore, I had to make it a bit longer: about 160 words long. However, I then had to translate it to spanish, which made the word count decrease by about 10 words because of language differences, making it fit within the word limit!

It is also very important to mention that I could only write the article because I had help from the third grade teacher: Ms. Kate Barker. She was considerate enough to answer some questions about her class’s project via e-mail, and she was the one that made writing the article possible (or at least easy) for me!

All in all, I am done with this term’s Journal Club work. I am already looking forward to next term’s article!


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