Student Initiated Project: During #2

We are finally moving forward with our project, and at a great pace at that! Just yesterday, Nolan Young and I met up and wrote the script for our video. In it, we talk about what global issues Alboan addresses, what makes them unique as a charity, and how people all over the world can donate and help them out in various ways. We think it’s quite a comprehensive script that encompasses all of the main points we have to talk about in our video in order to give our viewers all the information they need about the Alboan and their projects. Pointing out how the Alboan team functions differently to other charities (they move into refugee camps and live with the refugees instead of just sending them food and other supplies) will also make the charity stand out more, which will get people to notice it.

The script itself is about two or three pages long. We read it a couple of times, and it took us about 2 and a half minutes to get through it at a good pace. Therefore, it is to be expected that our video will be of about that length. This is good, as people will not have to give up a lot of their time to watch it, making it accessible even to those who are busy or just don’t want to watch long videos.

Nolan and I will meet next week to film the video itself. Let’s hope everything goes well then!


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