Student Initiated Project: During #1

Up until now, nothing has gone as planned!

About two weeks ago, Nolan Young sent the Alboan team an email talking about the promotional video, how Project for Awesome works, and asking about the possibility of meeting up with members of the organization in order to film them answering a few questions about their work. This footage would have then been used in our video. Although it was not essential, we both thought that it would be a nice touch to include an interview with the Alboan crew, as that might give the video’s audience a better idea of how the charity works and who are the people who operate it.

Soon, however, we realised that Alboan was not responding to our messages. We tried sending them again, fearing they might not have been delivered correctly, but it was all to no avail. Hoping they would answer, we decided to establish a deadline: if they had not written back to us by November 1st, then we would make the video without the interview. Sadly, that is what has happened.

Still, Nolan and I are optimistic about this project! We will begin writing the video’s script either this week or the next, and meet up to film it shortly thereafter. We have also already started putting together a general outline for the video, which will help us a lot when the time comes to write it all. Let’s hope it all goes according to plan from this point on!


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