Singing Lessons: During #3

After missing out on a few classes because of my MUN trip, and also because I felt quite sick afterwards, I have finally returned to my singing lessons! I really could not wait to come back to this activity. It’s so much fun!

Coming back, I discovered I had missed out on quite a few things. My teacher had introduced a few new breathing exercises that were quite complicated, but I managed to figure them out after a little practise. The hardest one to grasp consisted on exercising one’s diaphragm by “breathing out” vowels using not your throat, but your lungs to get the sound out. It sounds bizarre and confusing because it is, in fact, quite bizarre and confusing! I will have to practise it a home a few times before I feel confident doing it in class. In addition to this, the teacher had also introduced some exercises to train our diction. These were based on tongue twisters and were very fun to do!

After warming up my voice, it was time for me to sing and, apparently, I did quite well! The teacher told me that, if anything, I should be careful to open my mouth wide as I sing in order to project my voice as much as possible. He also said that I would be recording the song next week! I am extremely excited about this, as I have never recorded a song before, and it sounds like quite an experience!

We also decided that the next song I should sing should be “How To Be a Heartbreaker” by Marina and the Diamonds, as it suits my tone quite well. Here is the song:

I am very happy about this choice, and I couldn’t be more excited to record “Snap Out of It” next week!


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