Halloween Party: After

I have met my personal goal, as that was to participate in the party and encourage Halloween festivity. There is no better way of promoting Halloween than to scare small children in a haunted house!

If I was to do all this again, I would organise the haunted house a bit better, preparing a script for people to follow, as my role, for example, was quite vague and made me have to improvise a lot. However, organising the haunted house was not really my job, and I actually think I did quite well if you take into account how much guidance I was given.

With this activity, I have learnt a lot about how to organise an activity for small children, We had to make sure that very small kids were not too scared of the haunted house, but also that older people were frightened enough by it to make it successful. To do this, we had to divide the people into different groups, which was a great lesson in management. Finally, we also learned how to decorate a school for a party, dividing our work and organising ourselves well.
I have also met my learning outcomes, as acting in and creating a haunted house was incredibly hard, and I definitely learned a lot about administration and drama by taking part in these activities. In addition to this, I have also worked collaboratively with others, as many of my classmates helped out in the haunted house and decorating the school. To make sure everything went smoothly, we had to divide our roles and work cooperatively, as things would get done much faster that way.


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