Royal Russell Model United Nations: After

I have met my personal goal, which was to speak out and get over my shyness . This is because I managed to speak at my committee, and even tried to talk at the General Assembly. This was rather hard for me, as I am a generally silent and introverted person, put it felt great to finally be able to share my opinion on different topics in front of a large group of people.

If I was to do this MUN again, I would probably speak even more, asking more questions and being more aggressive in my debating, as I tend to be rather passive and, maybe, “too nice”. Asserting your ideas often and repeatedly is a good way to be taken seriously at MUN, as I discovered over my stay at Royal Russell School. I would also study the topic of state-sponsored paramilitary groups a bit more thoroughly, as it came up quite often and I could have participated  more in the debate if I had studied that topic better.

I have learnt a lot about different world issues, such as the problem of rape in warfare and the question of biological warfare. I have also met all of my learning outcomes, as I worked with three other people to create a very good resolution, and also sent notes and messages to other delegates to know their opinion about resolutions that were being debated. This means I achieved the learning outcome of “working collaboratively with others”. Beside this, the topics we debated were of international importance, and they made me become engaged with problems that are affecting the world right now. This means I achieved the learning outcome of becoming “engaged with issues of global importance”.
All in all, this activity was, quite frankly, a great success!


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