Hike: After

I have met my personal goal, as I both managed to stay active during the weekend and I got to learn more about both birds and other aspects of the fauna and flora of the Basque Country, such as what almond-bearing trees look like and the different habitats birds like. This was all extremely enriching and interesting for me, as it helped me learn about the environment in which I live in.

If I could do anything differently, I would probably make sure to arrive a bit sooner to the hike in order to get the full experience. I would also make sure to wear better shoes and perhaps a cap in order to shield myself from the sun.

I have learnt that birds hide when it is hot, that vultures use warm air currents to stay up in the air and not use up energy, and that the vulture population is aging steadily because of our better management of waste products, which they used to use for food. This last point made me reflect about how humans affect nature with nearly everything we do.

Finally, I am pleased to say that I have met my learning outcomes for this activity: increasing my awareness of my strengths and areas for growth and undertaken new challenges. I have realized that, although my resistance is quite good, I should still practice avoiding distractions, as those are usually the cause of my slipping on rocks. I have also undertaken new challenges because I went hiking in a completely new place where I did not know what to expect of the trail.


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