Hike: Before

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased their awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth.
  • Undertaken new challenges.

Goal: To stay active during the weekend by going outside and exploring nature.

Going hiking is extremely exciting for me, as I love walking but rarely get the chance to hike. Getting to watch birds during this time is just an added bonus. The Basque Country has an incredibly rich flora and fauna which I do not know as well as I would like to, and it is great that I will get to learn more about it by experiencing it firsthand.

I think the hike will be tiring, of course, but I’ve walked much longer trails in my life. Therefore, four kilometers will not be much to walk. Aside from this, I expect the walk to be beautiful and full of sights to see.

I do not really anticipate any problems except, perhaps, the weather. In the Basque Country, rain is quite common, and it is possible that we might have to deal with it during the hike. Still, this is only a remote possibility, and might not happen at all. Aside from these, no obvious problems come to mind.


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