Translating at the Open House

Learning Outcome: Undertaken new challenges.

Our school’s Open House took place on Monday 28 of September 2015. This is the time when parents come to the school to learn about what their children will be studying that year. However, there is a problem: most parents do not speak english, and most teachers do not speak spanish. My english teachers was one of the latter, and I had to translate for her.

I must admit that I was incredibly nervous about translating. I had only done it a few other times, and never well. However, despite my nerves and shaking voice, I managed to provide a good enough translation of what my teacher said for the parents of 11 and 12 graders. After the meeting was over, many of them congratulated me on my translating skills, saying the translations I provided were extremely clear and accurate. I felt great about this, but I do owe some of this success to my english teacher, who stopped every couple of sentences, making it relatively easy for me to translate what she had said.

This activity did not only to help the school, but also helped me overcome my fear of translating and of speaking in front of a crowd of adults.


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