Singing Lessons: During #1

My first singing lesson took place yesterday, and it was a great success! I’m in class with another two girls who seem to be friendly and sing very well. They are both about my age, one being 15 and the other 16, and we have relatively similar tastes when it comes to music. Our teacher was also extremely kind and caring, and he worked hard to get us to feel comfortable when singing.

Yesterday’s class served as an introduction of sorts. We all got to know each other with the help of our teacher, who asked us questions about ourselves, and chatted about music and singing for a while. I discovered that both girls had experience with singing and that each of them was part of a band they created with their friends (perhaps that could be a future CAS project!)

After the introductions were over, we finally got to singing. We started with some exercises that helped our teacher identify the range and tessitura of our respective voices. He explained that our range was the distance between the highest and lowest note we could hit, even if it was difficult for us. Our tessitura, however, was the distance between the highest and the lowest note we could hit well. I then discovered that my range was of about three octaves, and my tessitura was that of a soprano dramatic, which is a soprano that can hit various low notes.

Finally, we each got to sing a song. I went first and sang Crystal by Of Monsters and Men, which I love mainly for its beautiful lyrics. The teacher told me that I sang well, but that the song was very easy to sing and that I should challenge myself more. I do agree wholeheartedly with what he said, and I would probably have chosen a more difficult song if I had not panicked and rushed my decision.

However, I will soon have a chance to redeem myself. I have to choose the first official song I will sing by next Wednesday! For now, I am trying to decide between two artists: Alt-J or Regina Spektor. Although I love Alt-J’s harmonies and lyrics, I will probably go with Regina because of the higher notes she hits in her songs. I think she will be a good starting point: comfortable yet challenging! Now I just have to choose a song.

I feel extremely happy about how my first lesson went, and I can’t wait to start practising a more challenging song next week!


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